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In the Heights is Out of the Studio!

heightsrecording.jpgOk, the In the Heights recording was a blast.

Being fairly new to the Sh-K-Boom/Ghostlight team, this was my first time at a session of this size. The two biggest surprises to me?
– How perfectly the band played every time they struck up, led by the boundlessly-energetic Alex Lacamoire (dubbed “Lac” by the cast).
– The amount of food that was consumed! It’s a long day.

The cast and creatives passed the time between songs by playing Jenga and Scrabble–(the Scrabble game between director Tommy Kail, Lin and book writer Quiara Alegría Hudes was particularly intense)–while the producers (Latin music Andres Levin and our very own Kurt Deutsch) made sure everything from drum beats to party noises sounded their best.

But my favorite moment? Late in the day, Christopher Jackson (who plays Benny), went in to re-dub his solo in “96,000” and he “hit it so hard,” Lin-Manuel Miranda insisted he get back in too to re-record his next two lines to make sure he didn’t sound like a wuss on the album!

While we sift through and pick the best of our photos from the day, you can see a few now over at Broadway World. There were also a few video crews around, so be on the lookout for some video footage of the day as well!

Katie (the Sh-K-Marketing Guru)


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