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Worshipping Sherie

Sherie Rene Scott’s “You Man Now Worship Me” Raises $200,000 for The Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative


I was so lucky to be able to attend this incredible show on Monday.  What a hilarious and touching evening!  Of course it was all for a great cause, and at the end Sherie presented Phyllis Newman and Actors’ Fund president Brian Stokes Mitchell with a check for $200,000.  From the Actors’ Fund website:  

“The Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative (PNWHI) was created to address the myriad of concerns women face when dealing with a serious medical condition. When women come to The Fund after a serious medical diagnosis they are often overwhelmed with concerns about their ability to work, family issues, managing basic bills as well as medical bills, and coping both physically and mentally with a challenging medical situation.

The PNWHI Social Workers help women negotiate the steps that follow a serious medical diagnosis. Through intensive case management, access to individual counseling, support groups, educational seminars, linkage to community supports and short-term financial assistance, the social workers help women receive the nurturing support that they need.”

 On another note, we have the set pieces from Sherie’s show in our office and are not sure what we are going to do with them for the time being.  I have wheeled the magician’s table down the block a couple times in the past, but we are running out of room in storage! Maybe we should rent out the blue “youtube” screen for aspiring stars to try out their lip-synching moves (don’t neglect your flamboyant hand waving). 

Hopefully she will perform the show again soon, as I’ve only heard amazing reviews from everyone.  Bixby Elliot raves in his blog,

  “The stars in the audience did not, however, burn as bright as the high wattage super star performance of Ms. Scott.  She is, in a word, a GODDESS and by the end of the evening the packed house at the O’Neil theater had been converted and we were all kneeling to pray at her dainty and talented feet.”

Bixby’s Broadway Blog:;_ylt=AgvUeLlc.FeDOy5rBbtPCB87OYt4

You really can’t beat that : )

Love… no, Yours,



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