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Sh-K-Shout Outs from Cyberspace!

Thanks to All That Chat poster pgenre for the shout out on the chat board over at! He says…

Firstly, Sh-K-Boom rocks me amadeusly for shipping out Kelli O’Hara’s WONDER IN THE WORLD and Finn’s MAKE ME A SONG two weeks early… what a pleasant suprise it was to discover these discs in my mailbox on Monday! They are TRULY the best cast album company we have (shout outs to PS CLASSICS and KRITZERLAND as well!), recording shows that otherwise would most probably have fallen through the cracks. Their quality level is supreme… SEE WHAT I WANNA SEE and BERNARDA ALBA may be the best SOUNDING cast albums I have ever heard, the shows and performances themselves notwithstanding (though I adore those as well)…

He goes on to rave about Kelli’s new CD, which we certainly won’t argue with! Read the full post here.

We work hard not only to produce the best quality recordings possible, but also get them into your hands as fast as we can. Nice to know it’s being noticed! Many thanks to pgenre and all the other Sh-K-Fans out there.

-Katie (the Marketing guru)


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