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“Could it be that Broadway has finally caught up to your iPod?”

Could it be that MTV has finally caught on to how good Broadway can be? Check out the MTV news article on Passing Strange and In the Heights.

Rock seems to have had an easier transition to the Broadway stage than hip-hop, but that’s changing with “In the Heights,” which led the 2008 Tony Award nominations with 13 nods. “It surprises me that no one has put hip-hop and Latin music into a Broadway musical before me,” “Heights” composer/narrator Lin-Manuel Miranda said. “We really tried to use the music of Washington Heights — salsa, reggaeton, hip-hop — and we use it to tell a story.”

Robin de Jesús and Lin-Manuel Miranda

“I think the theater needs rappers and rock bands and techno and everything,” Stew said. “The theater needs every actual music that’s actually happening in the world, you know? Because the audience for the new musical, they’re out there. They listen to music all the time. We live in a music-obsessed society, you know? Stuff like us or ‘Spring Awakening,’ it shouldn’t be an aberration. It shouldn’t be strange. It should be normal.”



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