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Special ‘In the Heights’ Singles Available on iTunes

Download special radio-friendly singles of four of our songs from In the Heights, exclusively on iTunes now for $.99 each! Just go to the In The Heights page on iTunes and scroll to the bottom of the track list to find these specially-edited tracks. (Not a digital downloader? Not to worry. The singles will be available for purchase not too far down the road on


3 Responses to “Special ‘In the Heights’ Singles Available on iTunes”

  1. iTunes does suck. I would buy these singles if they were available from Love that site. DRM-free MP3s, the way music should be. 🙂

  2. I would love to buy these tracks, but you can’t buy them outside the US … or at least that’s ITunes is telling me.
    Is there any other way to get them??

  3. OK, it’s almost been a year and no CD. What’s the story?

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