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New Interview with Kelli O’Hara on The 8th Avenue Observer

There’s a great new interview with Kelli O’Hara over on where she talks about the process of making Wonder in the World with Harry Connick, Jr.  and reflects on her place as one of Broadway’s brightest stars. Here’s a snippet:

Let me say that when you make an album with a big company or with Harry Connick, Jr. or somebody, you have all of these ideas, but somewhere along the line it kind of falls out of your hands. You start to do things that you’re asked to do. The good thing about my album is that I did get to have more say than most people do, because Harry really listened to me, and wanted to make it what I wanted. However, we did end up putting songs on there that I never would have recorded. I mean I never would have chosen to put one of James Taylor’s most famous songs. If I was going to do one of his songs I would have chosen something a bit more [obscure]. However, I ended up liking that very much, so you sometimes have to trust other people. You know, I chose the Billy Joel tune, but the arrangement that Harry wrote wasn’t exactly my- I mean at first I though “hmm?” but now I love it. So you just kind of have to trust other people, but also be strong about your opinions. I definitely wanted it to be different than musical theatre, because by the time I made the album I’d made like four or five musical theatre cast albums, and I just really thought it would be refreshing.

Read the full interview.

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