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Do You Love LaChiusa?

Check out these smokin’ new albums, to be released
September 9th by Sh-K-Boom/Ghostlight Records!

The World Premiere recording of Little Fish by Michael John LaChiusa featuring Alice Ripley

Mr. LaChiusa’s score proceeds to blend the jazzy, noirish feel of what is conventionally called the symphony of the city with an individual streak of obsessiveness in incantatory rhythms, including those of a chorus chanting ”puff puff puff” in remembrance of cigarettes past.” – NYT



Lea Delaria’s newest jazz album “The Live Smoke Sessions” was recorded at the jazz club Smoke in uptown Manhattan.

Lea has been featured as Charlotte’s drug-dealing, paranoid roommate, “Cinder” (“played with nasty gusto by the vibrant Lea DeLaria”) in the Off-Broadway production of Little Fish, and on “The Live Smoke Sessions” she gives an extraordinary jazz reworking of “Puff.” (Heard on the Little Fish Album as the first track “Days”)

Get both new releases today at!


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