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[title of show] Cheat Sheat

Check out this New York Times article “Got tu Have a Primer to Get ‘[title of show]’” for a ‘cheat sheet’ to [title of show].

the creators and two of the co-stars of “[title of show]” — Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowen — ask of their audiences a familiarity with flopsicals, Broadway gypsies and Gen X miscellany. Mamie Duncan-Gibbs? “Got tu Go Disco”? Shields and Yarnell? Anyone?

To ensure that no reference goes unappreciated, Mr. Bell and Mr. Bowen agreed to sit down and do for “[title of show]” what Isaiah Berlin’s book did for “Utopia”: create a cheat sheet for audiences not quite so in the know, explaining some of the names and shows that crop up during the musical. A home video of the young Hunter Bell performing a short play called “A Puzzling Obsession” in a relative’s basement about 1981 can be found at left…


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