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Best of Broadway: Sh-K-Divas compiled a list of their Top 10 Broadway Divas and these Sh-K-Ladies have grabbed spots 6, 5, 4 and 1!

6. Karen Olivo of In the Heights
“With her sleek hair, seemingly endless legs and wide-ranging vocal prowess, Karen Olivo is the real deal. Though she’s been on Broadway before (in Rent and Brooklyn), it’s her sultry performance as Vanessa in In the Heights that landed her on this list. Olivo is a grounded diva—she plays an ambitious young salon worker dreaming of getting out of the Barrio—who plays the part just like Vanessa takes her coffee: light and sweet with a touch of spice. Olivo exudes an earthy quality that might seem at odds with some people’s notion of what a diva is. But when she launches into “It Won’t Be Long Now,” you know you are in the presence of the genuine article.”

Check out this Diva on The Original Broadway Cast Album In the Heights.

5. Sherie Rene Scott of The Little Mermaid
“Being a diva is one thing; knowing you are a diva brings things to another level. Sherie Rene Scott knows, and judging by the tongue-in-cheek name of her solo show, You May Now Worship Me, she is well aware of her diva power. The blonde bombshell, a scene-stealer as sea witch Ursula in The Little Mermaid, has charisma, a killer voice and dead-on comic timing. After appearing in Tommy, Grease and Rent, she found her strongest suit as Amneris in Aida and kicked her career into high gear with roles in The Last Five Years and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels among others. As the co-founder of the Broadway-centric Sh-K-Boom Records, she’s also a diva with heart. What’s not to love?”

Love her some more with Sherie’s Solo Album Men I’ve Had!

4. Orfeh of Legally Blonde
“The name (yes, it’s real) is not the only thing that’s unique about this one-named wonder. She’s also got style, attitude and an edgy sensibility that elevates her from your garden-variety Broadway triple threat to a powerhouse performer that cannot be ignored. This diva has rock ‘n’ roll running through her veins (demonstrated in her bring-down-the-house performances in Saturday Night Fever and Love, Janis), but she also excels in more traditional legit shows such as her current gig in Legally Blonde. With a bluesy, rangy voice that blows most of her contemporaries out of the water, Orfeh would fit right in at the top of the pop charts or as an MTV regular; Broadway is lucky to have her.”

Hear Orfeh on Legally Blonde and her upcoming Solo Album What Do You Want From Me!

1. Patti LuPone of Gypsy
“Who else could top this list? The number one spot undeniably belongs to Patti LuPone. She is the diva’s diva. We wouldn’t be surprised to find even the proudest member of this elite list bowing down to her riveting turn as Rose in the current Broadway revival of Gypsy. LuPone doesn’t play roles; she embodies them. From her Tony-winning performance in Evita many moons ago, to her more recent work in Anything Goes and Sweeney Todd, LuPone shows us how it’s done—with verve, panache and swagger. She’s got the goods, and she knows it. As she exclaimed in her exuberant 2008 Tony Award acceptance speech for Best Actress in a Musical, she’s giving the performance of her life. We couldn’t agree more.”

Need I say more?!  The Lady with the Torch & Patti LuPone at Les Mouches



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