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Yazbek Video: Steps Of Another Man’s House

David Yazbek has delivered a beautiful, emotionally complex new video as a complement to his equally moving ballad ‘Steps of Another Man’s House.’ The animated video, by artist Onur Tukel, traces life’s journey from infancy to parenthood, and depicts a child’s initial loss of innocence, individuality and freedom…But when that child grows up and becomes a father himself, he is able to learn from his early traumas, and let his son literally grow wings and fly…

It is the type of intelligent counterpoint one has come to expect from David Yazbek, an innovative pop/rock artist who continues to deliver his art in ways that defy conventional wisdom. In fact, The NY Times has described his recent CD ‘Evil Monkey Man’ as containing “remarkably well-crafted images that startle but please.”

Hear more from David Yazbek here!

Yazbek will make his Spiegelworld debut next week, on September 15th.

David Yazbek and His Warmest Regards – An Evening with the Monkey Man

September 15 at 9:30 pm

Spiegelworld @ Pier 17, South Street Seaport
South Street & Beekman Street, NYC
Tickets: $35

*** Enter Discount Code DYAZK for $5.00 off the ticket price.


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