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National Tour of Rent

If any of you out there are like me, you were heartbroken when Rent closed its doors in September.   After 5, 124 performances and becoming the seventh longest running show in Broadway history, it was finally time to say goodbye.  However, the silver lining to this sad occasion would be that the national tour of Rent started yesterday at the Palace Theater in Cleveland Ohio!  Headlining the tour are three of the original Broadway cast members Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, and Gwen Stewart. The show will run in Cleveland from Jan. 6-11th.  Joining the three original, and fabulous, cast members are two  members from the final cast Justin Johnston (Angel) and Michael McElroy (Collins). Cast of Rent While I’ve never seen Adam Pascal or Anthony Rapp in Rent (which I am very sad about), I did get to see one of the final performances of the show.  If this tour is anything like the performance I saw in Sept., then all of you Rent-heads out there will be very happy. Check out for the tour dates and photos.  And check here for a video of one of the tour rehearsals.  Happy viewing!

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