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Movie version of PASSING STRANGE

passing strangeOn December 6th, the LA Times announced that Spike Lee is making his Sundance Film Festival debut with a filmed version of the Broadway show, Passing Strange. The movie will premiere in the Jan 15-25 noncompetitive Spectrum Documentary Spotlight program and Lee is hoping the film will attract some attention and a potential distributer.  The creaters of Passing Strange, indy-rockers Stew (Mark Stewart) and Heidi Rodewald, are very familiar with Sundance having developed the show at its annual Sundance Theatre Lab in 2004 and 2005.    Passing Strange is a semi-autobiographical, piece about  Stew’s (Mark Stewart) youth and experiences.  The show ran for 165 performances on Broadway before closing and the soundtrack is available on sh-k-boom. com. Happy viewing!

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