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PASSING STRANGE reviews at Sundance

Passing Strange- Stew That’s right sh-k-pals, Passing Strange has been made into a movie.  And not just a movie, a Spike Lee movie!  It premiered at Sundance this past week and the reviews are in.  Laremy Legel, from, gave it an A and called it a beautiful effort.  Spike Lee used 14 different cameras to capture the stage version of Passing Strange and turned the Tony nominated musical into a moving and unique documentary.  While coming of age stories are a dime a dozen, Passing Strange is different.  It chronicles the life of a black artist on his way to self discovery and challenges what people think of as musical theater.  Check out the New York Times for an interview with Spike Lee about making the film and go to to get your own copy of the CD. Happy Viewing!

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