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NEXT TO NORMAL cast album

Next to Normal from broadwayworld.comSh-k-boom/Ghostlight Records will be recording the cast album of Next to Normal this February. This rock musical played its final show on Jan. 18th 2009 in Washington D.C. with sh-k-friend Alice Ripley staring in the production. Happy Viewing!

Kate the intern


3 Responses to “NEXT TO NORMAL cast album”

  1. I am so excited!!

  2. Hello,

    All I can say is hallalujah to Ghostlight Records for recording this terrific musical. It’s a shame that Brian d’Arcy James can’t be a part of it, but at least it will be preserved. It was my favorite musical of last season and, hopefully, this recording will inspire more productions of it. Ghostlight Records– you are the BEST!!

    Zander O.

  3. When will you be taking pre-orders?

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