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Next to Normal News

“Digital release has been set for April 7th, followed by a Double-CD brick-and-mortar retail release on May 12th. The album, which features more than 30 original songs, was recorded in New York City on February 11th & 12th, with Sh-K-Boom/Ghostlight Records President Kurt Deutsch, Joel Moss and David Stone producing, and Tom Kitt Co-Producing. Both Deutsch and Moss are Grammy Award winners.

On Tuesday, May 12th, cast members will celebrate the album’s retail release with a 4pm performance and CD signing at Barnes and Noble Lincoln Center

Act 1

1. Prelude
2. Just Another Day
3. Everything Else
4. Who’s Crazy/MyPsychopharmacologist and I
5. Perfect for You
6. I Miss the Mountains
7. It’s Gonna Be Good
8. He’s Not Here
9. You Don’t Know
10. I Am the One
11. Superboy and the Invisible Girl
12. I’m Alive
13. Make Up Your Mind/Catch Me I’m Falling
14. I Dreamed a Dance
15. There’s a World
16. I’ve Been
17. Didn’t I See This Movie?
18. A Light in the Dark

Act 2
1. Wish I Were Here
2. Song of Forgetting
3. Hey #1
4. Seconds and Years
5. Better Than Before
6. Aftershocks
7. Hey #2
8. You Don’t Know (Reprise)
9. How Could I Ever Forget?
10. It’s Gonna Be Good (Reprise)
11. Why Stay?/A Promise
12. I’m Alive (Reprise)
13. The Break
14. Make Up Your Mind/Catch Me I’m Falling (Reprise)
15. Maybe (Next to Normal)
16. Hey #3 / Perfect for You (Reprise)
17. So Anyway
18. I Am the One (Reprise)
19. Light


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  1. Sweet.

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