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Next to Normal: REVIEWS!

cast-of-next-to-normalAccording to Ben Brantly, “No show on Broadway right now makes as direct a grab for the heart – or wrings it as thoroughly – as ‘Next to Normal’ does.” He also declares that Alice Ripley gives “the musical performance of the season”!!! To read his entire glowing commentary on this newly opened musical check here!

The New York Times is not the only place where the love for “Next to Normal” is flowing! AMNY hails it as “one of the most powerful, suprising, invigorating original musicals in recent memory.” 

You can read all the great reviews right here! Also, make sure to get a copy of the Next to Normal cast album! I’ts currently available on iTunes or can be preordered at our website. If you can wait that long, it will be available in stores on May 12th.


One Response to “Next to Normal: REVIEWS!”

  1. The show and entire cast is simply amazing, and Alice Ripley grows beyond her already awesome reputation.

    Having seen it once at Second Stage and three times (so far) on Broadway, this is fast becoming one of our favorite shows.

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