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Next To Normal review in Rolling STone

next to normalNext to Normal has Broadway buzzing! This emotional and highly charged musical is getting massive praise from every angle. 

Rolling Stone says it’s, “the best musical of the season by a mile, an emotional powerhouse with a fire in its soul and a wicked wit that burns just as fiercely.”  And that we should “Polish up a Tony for Ripley who is simply magnificent as a woman who can’t find her way home from the maps provided by drugs, hypnosis and electroshock therapy doled out by her doctors.” 

NY1′s Roma Torre says, ” the superlative cast is led bt Alice Ripley, who delivers a knockout performance as Diana.  She breathes so much life into this tortured soul, we are instantly won over.  She delivers a kind of hyper-naturalism that seems to transcend acting.”

Melissa Rose Bernardo of  Entertainment Weekly says, “It’s a tough sell: a rock musical about mental illness…But composer Tom Kitt and lyricist-librettist Brian Yorkey chose to devote two hours and 20 minutes (and nearly 40 songs) to this generally unappealing subject; the result, in Next to Normal, is incongruously, sometimes agonizingly beautiful.”

Joe Dziemianowicz, NY Daily News states that “‘Next to Normal’ covers a challenging subject, no question. That it’s hopeful and uplifting, not depressing, is more than a triumph – it’s next to wondrous.”

There you have it folks, Next to Normal is officially a hit! Make sure to pick up a copy of the cd (we are now shipping out orders!) and enjoy this musical yourself. Happy viewing!

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