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Hair revival plans 2010-11 national tour!

hair-702098The current revival hit Hair, which was honored with 8 Tony awards nominations, is set to hit the road and travel across the US beginning in 2010. as of yet, dates and venues have not been announced, but we’ll keep up to date when that information is announced! For those of you who aren’t able to make it to NY to see this stunning production, definitely check it out when it comes to a theatre near you.

If you can’t wait until 2010 to hear this cast, order a copy of the new cast album which we will be releasing this summer! Keep checking our website for more information and updates as to when you can pre-order the album.



2 Responses to “Hair revival plans 2010-11 national tour!”

  1. AMAZING show. Is it bad that I actually found this topic while listening to the soundtrack? (Hare Krishna)

  2. It was an awesome show! I saw it in NYC this past week and I’ve never had so much fun at a Broadway show.

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