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Klea Blackhurst brings Everything the Traffic Will Allow to the Snapple Theatre Center

This Summer, Klea Blackhurst will bring back her Ethel Merman tribute with performances at the Snapple Theatre Center in July and August. Everything the Traffic Will Allow: The Songs and Sass of Ethel Merman is billed as a “loving tribute to the songs made famous by the quintessential stage personality Ethel Merman”.

For more information about this engagement check right here! For those of you who can’t make it to one of the shows, make sure to check out Klea’s albums “Autumn in New York“, “Dreaming of a Song“, and “Everything the Traffic Will Allow” which are all available on our website! 



One Response to “Klea Blackhurst brings Everything the Traffic Will Allow to the Snapple Theatre Center”

  1. We think Klea is great!

    I’m a volunteer in the theatre department at Greenwich House and obtain comps for our senior citizen members. They love Ethel M. and would adore having comps to see EVERYTHING THE TRAFFIC WILL ALLOW.

    Can you give some of them comps? They promise to spread the good word arouhd!

    Judith C. White Senior Center at Greenwich House serves over 1700 of the city’s residents. Our members are physically and mentally spry and very focused on the arts. They are also a good source of word-of-mouth publicity. Our Theatre Club has been in existence for many years; more than 200 seniors see our theatre bord daily–it has helped provide affordaable acces to hundreds of cultural events.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Robert J. Berenson for Greenwich House

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