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Watch ‘HAIR’ Spread the LOVE 8 Days a Week!

Get tweeting folks!! 😀

From the NYTimes:

‘Hair’ Has New Way to Spread the Love

HAIR Broadway Revival 2009

“Starting Tuesday night a high-definition video camera, attached near the balcony rail at the Al Hirschfeld Theater, will capture the so-called dance parties at the end of the each performance of “Hair,” when cast members of the musical revival coax audience members onstage to rock out with them as the band plays “Let the Sunshine In.”

“About four hours after each performance the video will be available for anyone to view on Visitors can choose any dance party to download to Facebook pages, or share with friends and others through e-mail or Twitter. Audience members can tag themselves on the videos so that friends can go to the “Hair” Web site and find the precise moment when the person appears on screen.”

Be a part of the LOVE, watch the LOVE, spread the LOVE!


— Sh-Karr-Boom


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