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Stew, Post Passing Strange

In an interview with Gothamist, Stew- who wrote Passing Strange with Heidi Rodewald- discussed his rocky relationship with Rodewald and his experiences in Passing Strange.  Though their long-term relationship had ended two years prior to the show’s opening in New York, Stew and Heidi appeared on stage together, night after night.

Stew said,  “Our situation with Passing Strange and our break-up was like we basically were divorcing and then staying in the same house for two years.  We separated but Passing Strange was the house we lived in, so we were going to workshops together, we were going on writing retreats together, we were doing the play together.”

Despite a complicated relationship, Stew and Rodewald are collaborating in a new show called Making It at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn until February 22.  Like Passing Strange, Making It is a show inspired and driven by Stew’s and Heidi’s real-life experiences.

As Stew put it: “All I’ve ever done in my life is write songs about stuff that is going on. So this is a return to that.”

Be sure to check out the Passing Strange cast recording on our website!


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